Pastor Robert Tarasiak, PhD.

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Doctor and Pastor Bob Tarasiak is our new pastor at Mission San Felipe Church! We ar excited for this new beginning in the journey of faith. Doctor Bob Tarasiak brings a wealth of experience in Christian pastoral, missional, and evangelical service to Christ our Lord. He is a recent graduate of Masters International University of Divinity in Biblical theology with a 4.0 GPA. He is happily married to Mariana for over twenty years and love serving together in San Felipe and the community! Part of the family we have a wonderful dog named Faith (what other name could I use as a pastor's dog! :).

We both invite you and welcome you to see what is happening at Mission San Felipe Church! See our calendar tab and Announcements as well as our schedule pages.

Local Mexican Telephone number: (686) 109-7580

Spanish Pastor

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Welcome to our new Administrator Specialist!

Women's Bible Teacher

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